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When Families Turn Into Wedding Professionals

So now you are engaged. You have announced it to the world – thank goodness for Facebook! You have attended all of the engagement parties filled with the excitement and joy that only a bride-to-be can experience. Now what? Well, it’s time to start planning that wedding!

This can be one of the most exciting times of your life and one of the most overwhelming times of your life all at the same time. There seems to be a million decisions you have to make and you will also notice a flood of advice streaming your way, if it hasn’t already. Some of the advice will be useful, some – not so much.

When Aunt Betty starts spattering on about how you don’t need this and you don’t need that, initially, you can stay strong. But after months of hearing the same thing over and over again some brides find themselves ready to buckle. Before giving into the idea of having your wedding at the local veteran’s hall and “keeping it simple” by just serving cake and ice cream, here are a few things for you to think about.

First of all, your wedding day is a once of a lifetime event. Yes, it is an event, not just a day – so treat it like an event. Save the cake and ice cream for your fiancé’s next birthday party. You will reflect upon this “event” for the rest of your life. Since you only get to do it once -do it right. Every time you look at your wedding photos you don’t want to grimace in horror to only dream about what “might have been”.

As you race around trying to find the very best wedding coordinator, sampling cake, viewing portfolio after portfolio… all the while hearing people whisper the forbidden: “You don’t really need that at your wedding do you? After all, Uncle Bob just bought a snazzy new camera.” With that “snazzy” new camera Uncle Bob can surely capture every breathtaking, once in a lifetime moment for you – can’t he? He did take his very own Christmas card photos this year. As ridiculous as that sounds you would be surprised how many brides are attempting to go that route to only find themselves devastated as Uncle Bob misses the majority of their priceless moments and the ones he does happen to “capture” are half rate at best.

That leads to the second thing for you to think about – be sure that you hire true wedding professionals. Not weekend warriors, not someone who happened to read a couple of books and Googled “How to Plan a Wedding”. Hire people who are experts in their area and who have put thousands of hours into making other weddings spectacular. Hire those who are going to take care of you rain or shine, no matter what, because that is what they have been trained to do. If you settle for anything less you are going to get “exactly what you pay for.”

Finally, a myth has begun to emerge in the wedding industry that you can truly achieve a high quality wedding with a low quality budget. This is simply not going to happen. Everyone deserves the wedding that they have always dreamed about but, like everything worthwhile in your life, you are going to have to invest into it. You aren’t going to get it by having Aunt Sally put together your bouquets – oh, and did she mention that they were going to be silk flower bouquets because she actually has no experience working with fresh flowers? What about having your cousin, the family hair stylist, who so graciously offered her services to do your hair on your wedding day? Never mind that she has done the same hair-do for every bride-to-be for the past ten years! A caterer – Who needs a caterer? You can do potluck!

In the end, you are the only one who can ultimately decide what standard you are going to set for your own wedding. Despite how convincing all of these people sound telling what you don’t “need” and how much money you can save – think about what you really want. Do you really want silk flowers and an outdated hair do? Or do you want to feel like a princess, even if it is just for a day. It is the one time in your life where it will be completely about you and your fiancé. Don’t sell out.