Bride's Back Wedding Gown Lacing

What Not to Wear

It is every Bride’s desire to look spectacular on their wedding day. But so often a Bride’s pursuit for the “perfect” dress ends up leaving her with something less than desirable. Although you may have an idea of what “the dress” will look like in your mind, this almost always changes through the selection process. You may think that a Cinderella-style ball gown will be the one for you, only to find that an elegant A-line suits you best. The important thing is that you get real with yourself and with what your body type is. This is not the time to try to re-invent the fashion wheel. Go with what truly looks good. Here are a few more tips that will help you avoid a dress disaster.

Just because it was featured on the runway doesn’t mean it should be featured on you. Many runway designs are not practical for the average Bride-to-be. Although it is tempting to try to be the next local “fashion icon” by strutting something exotic down the aisle remember that you, unlike the fashion models, only get one shot at your big walk. Make sure you are going with something that is actually flattering to you.

Strapless isn’t for everyone. This will be devastating to a lot of women out there but despite what you think the perfect dress should look like – strapless may not be the look for you. Strapless dresses have a tendency to make a Bride look top-heavy and we know that is something the majority of us want to avoid. Going with something with straps or sleeves can make the world of difference.

Rethink the mermaid dress. If you aren’t “model thin” and have the workout body to go with it, the mermaid dress is probably not for you. It is indeed, one of the hardest dresses to pull off and if you have a stomach that you will have to suck in at all – skip this one all together.

If you say to yourself: “This dress is the one! I was planning on losing 20 pounds before the wedding anyway.” This is not a good sign – shop for a dress that looks great on you now. Planning to lose a certain amount of weight before the big day is nothing short of dangerous. The last thing you want to have to do on your wedding day is squeeze into your wedding dress, holding your breath the entire day in fear that your zipper will burst. That is just not the way to spend your day.

If you got it – you don’t necessarily need to flaunt it. If you have the perfect body, congratulations – but you don’t necessarily need to show off each and every curve. Pick one feature you would like to accentuate and go with that. A revealing dress isn’t always the most flattering either. Instead, opt for a more elegant style – that way your guests will be speechless for the right reason.

If you can’t move, move on! Think about all you are going to have to do on your wedding day – sitting, standing, dancing, the list goes on and on. If you can’t move comfortably while in the dress shop, things aren’t going to get any better at the wedding. Find a dress that is beautiful and comfortable. That way you can truly enjoy all your wedding day has to offer.

One final thought – a Professional Photographer can help you to look your best in your wedding day photos but they aren’t miracle workers. Don’t expect them to be. Pick the dress that is truly right for your body type not just what you want to be right for you. In the end, you will be very happy that you did.