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The Backyard BBQ Wedding – Good Trend or Bad Fad?

Recently I visited a well known wedding website and was appalled to read some of their predictions for the hottest wedding trends of 2011. According to this site, weddings are going to be leaning in a more casual direction this year. They actually mentioned “Moonshine and Man Caves” specifically as being all the rage in the upcoming wedding scene. I was shocked to read this. After all, we are still talking about weddings here, aren’t we? I would expect “Moonshine and Man Caves” to be the latest Bachelor Party fad. Since when are things of this nature acceptable at an actual wedding?

There is nothing wrong with loosening things up a bit, maybe bending tradition from time to time to come up with something new and creative. I understand the desire to be unique and leave your guests with something to talk about. But you are going to be passing your wedding memories down from generation to generation. Do you really want to be sitting there showing off your wedding photos to your children someday saying: “Here is your Daddy playing his PlayStation in the corner with his buddies on our wedding day.” Or how about: “There’s your Mommy – all liquored up on some Moonshine that we had made especially for our dream day. It sure made the day extra special.”

All I am saying is that it is okay to have fun at your wedding but don’t lose sight of what this day is supposed to be all about. It is supposed to be about two people coming together to create a life together. When you have an official “guys corner” at your reception, it isn’t very conducive to the two of you starting your life together as a couple. That is actually endorsing the opposite.

What will be the “story” of your wedding day? Will it be classy and elegant with unique touches, individualized to represent the two of you as a couple, or will it tell a different story? A story that you may not necessarily want to remember forever? What you find funny or amusing right now, may not be so funny in 20 years.

Be cautious of the fads that you decide to incorporate into your Wedding day because in the end, that is exactly what they are, just fads. Fads are “here today and gone tomorrow” when your Wedding memories are going to last a heck of a lot longer than that.