Ashton Kutcher is Not a Photographer

When I think of great actors, Ashton Kutcher is not at the top of my list, to be honest. But he’s not at the bottom either. And he is funny, he’s “The Man” when it comes to punking other...

Bride's Back Wedding Gown Lacing

What Not to Wear

It is every bride’s desire to look spectacular on their wedding day. But so often a bride’s pursuit for the “perfect” dress ends up leaving her with something less than desirable.

Tampa Bridal Shows

When Families Turn Into Wedding Professionals

When Aunt Betty starts spattering on about how you don’t need this and you don’t need that, initially, you can stay strong. But after months of hearing the same thing over and over again some brides...

Evaluation Card Tampa Bridal Shows

Reliable Wedding Vendor Reviews and Referrals

You have heard all of the horror stories - how the limo driver was an hour late to pick up the bride to take her to the ceremony site. How about when the bride’s white calla lilies arrived as yellow...

Young Bride & Groom Dancing by Tampa Photo

Picture Perfect Weddings

Brides usually hire our company, Tampa Photo, for our unique photographic style. However, there are many more elements that go into having a “Picture Perfect Wedding.” As photographers, we capture...